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Panorama drawing

Aude Hérail Jäger

Aude Hérail Jäger has been working many years as a conceptual artist. Her practice has been an investigation of non-verbal forces within us, in particular void and unconscious legacies and their impact on relationships to others and to the world around us.

Drawing abstraction and from the imagination with graphite and color pencils on paper inevitably led to questioning drawing from observation, which was not taught when She was at Art school. She is currently a post-graduate Drawing Year student in figurative drawing at The Prince's Drawing School in London.

"The Drawing Year is intensive; classes take place in the School but also in museums, parks and the streets of London. My panorama is echoing being in London and constantly hopping from one place and subject to the other. Each part of the panorama drawing represents ad hoc either commuting or copying a Great Masters' drawing or painting at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Royal Collection and National Gallery, drawing spontaneously in the streets, being on a field trip to the races or at a concert."


Aude Hérail Jäger